Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cold Storage (2009)

Cold Storage

Written by Tony Elwood and Mark Kimray
Directed by Tony Elwood

Melissa Adams...Casey Leet
Cathy Adams...Joelle Carter
Derek...Matt Kislar
Clive Mercer...Nick Searcy

Stage actress Melissa Adams leaves her home behind for the small town of Rainers Point, Tennessee, where she has scored a prime theatrical role.  Just outside of town, though, she is ejected from her vehicle following a freak accident.  She is found, trembling and bleeding on the blacktop, by off-kilter backwoods romantic Clive Mercer, who believes that she is a "Gift From God".

Clive takes her home and cleans her up, then quickly falls in love with the unmoving and strangely-quiet Melissa.  He bathes her, he cooks dinner for her, he holds one-sided conversations with her, and he even takes her sightseeing in town.  A regular Romeo, this one.

When Melissa's sister Cathy and boyfriend Derek discover that she never checked into her motel, much less made it to her debut performance, the two set aside their differences and strike out in search of her.  But Clive is not likely to let his beloved go without a fight.

I was expecting a cheap, shot-on-video cheeser when I sat down to watch Cold Storage, so I was suitably impressed with what I found.  Although of a lower budget, the cheapness does not shine through.  The performances are pretty solid all around, the musical scoring is fitting, and the camera work is fluid and impressive--to the point where it tracked a fly as it buzzed about the room.

Plotwise, it was disturbing and chilling although not outright scary.  There were moments of tenderness found within Clive's dealings with Melissa, momentarily making you feel sorry for him--which is a pretty stunning feat, when you think about it.  There was an odd sense of dark humor running throughout the film, too, found in just the right doses: enough to break up a little tension, but not to take you out of the story.

The pacing could have been better, as it dragged slightly in some spots, and the ending could have had some sort of a twist to it to prevent it from being so predictable, but overall, a pretty solid sick flick that deserves an audience.  Well worth the price of admission--free on Netflix Instant Watch.

Rated R
95 Minutes
United States

"Every summer this town is taken over by pansies and drug addicts"


  1. Shoulda named it rowthalie stupids

  2. *Rowthalee... sorry was really high xD

  3. *Rowthalee... sorry was really high xD


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