Friday, February 11, 2011

Spatter Analysis #4: January 2011

Let's face it: Image is everything.  That's the one valuable lesson I took away from high school, other than how to make a bong out of just about anything (thanks, shop class!).  Movies are judged by their posters just as books are judged by their covers--as are poorly planned online horror magazines.  The first three issues of Spatter Analysis: The Horror Movie Magazine YOU Wrote were graced with beautiful images donated by the great iZombie, which were promptly cheapened by my own non-existant design skills and the goodness that is MS Paint.  Thankfully, with this issue, iZombie has wrested control of any and all design elements from my grubby, bloody little paws, and the gorgeous image you see above is the result.  If you like what you see, I beg of you to visit his JMH DIGITAL homepage to check out his other work.  As always, I'd like to thank the undead artist for all his time, effort and support, and all of you bloggers out there for giving me content...even if you weren't aware you were doing so.  It's people like you, who freely give so many great articles and reviews to the public, that ease the pain of not being able to afford print magazines anymore.  For the love of the genre, that's what Spatter Analysis is all about. --J/Metro

NOTE: None of the articles below are hosted on my blog, and the authors retain sole ownership. The links are provided here without explicit permission in many cases, because, as far as I know, linking with proper attribution does not go against proper blogger etiquette. Consider this the Midnite Media equivalent of an award, only rather than be awarded for your blog overall, it's for a specific post. You know what that means, don't you? More chances to win! Anywho, if for whatever reason you would like the link to your post removed, just let me know and it will be removed faster than a bad girl's panties in a 1980s slasher flick.

Table of Contents

Nabongo Pongo Overlongo - Down In The Jungle Something Stirred:  Who says genre films can't be educational?  Matthew of Carfax Abbey watches back-to-back jungle films from Poverty Row's PRC and learns a little something-something about gorillas.

My Conondrum About Funny Games:  The Girl Who Loves Horror (from the same-titled blog) goes round and round with herself about the film Funny Games, and, more importantly, how her affection for that film effects other people's perception of her.

Psycho-Babble Phantasm:  Tim of Post-Mortem Depression analyzes this classic film in a not-so-classic way.

Phantasm, I Love Your Freewheelin' 70's Ways:  Dod, of The WGON Helicopter, waxes wise on the cult status of everyone's favorite killer ball flick.

The Best Of Halloween Part One/ Part Two:  Steve Miller of Terror Titans boils the best of the franchise down to four solid picks.  I'll give you a hint:  Rob Zombie did not make the list.

Black Swan - A More Pointless, Female Version of The Wrestler:  Everyone loves Black Swan.  Except for B-Movie Becky of The Horror Effect.  Find out why.

As Far As Mr. Sullivan Is Concerned...:  CRWM of And Now The Screaming Starts does not talk about 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams.  And we're all okay with that.

Re/Made In The USA:  A. Jaye of Thrill Fiction delivers insightful history and commentary on the American art of the Remake--with footnotes and everything!

An Introduction To The Italian Giallo:  Shuan of the Celluloid Highway kicked off a month-long Giallo-fest with this concise and precise discourse.

Robert Fuest - A Stylish Approach To Horror:  Mark Hodgson of Black Hole Reviews takes us on a journey through the stylized world of Robert Fuest.

No Wonder People Don't Read Anymore:  Jeff Allard of Dinner With Max Jenke is not afraid to judge a book by its cover.  Are you?

Robots!:  Bleaux Leaux of The Bleaux Leaux Reveaux (that's just fun to say!) examines some of cinema's Most Valuable Robots.


  1. Thank you Jonny. I'm honored to be a part of your anthology. :)

  2. Thanks for including my write-up of Phantasm!

  3. Looks awesome....
    Lots of interesting content to check out there. Thanks!

  4. It's a privelege to be included for a second time in the hallowed halls of Spatter Analysis...many thanks Jonny.

  5. such a great idea, thanks for the props...
    i am glad i can do what i can... i am going
    to post this on my few sites.

  6. I'm not only honored to have been included in SA a second time, but I want to hoist a toast to you for doing a great bit to bring the horror blogging community closer together. Cheers, and here's to many more great issues!!

  7. Wow, what have I done to deserve this?! Thanks so much, it is an honor to be included, and I will be sure to read all the other entries as well. This is a great idea, keep it up!

  8. Hey everybody,

    Thanks a lot for visiting, and for allowing me the privilege to include you in this issue. Keep posting, and I'll keep reading! I've made a promise to myself to do a minimum of 12 issues of Spatter Analysis...and that should take us right up to October. Just help spread the word.


  9. I'm thrilled! Thanks for including me!

  10. Hey Jonny, thanks for including me in this ish - it's much appreciated!

  11. Wow, thanks so much for posting my review of Black Swan! What a terrific list of blogs to be in the company of.


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