Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spatter Analysis #3: December 2010

The cover image above was graciously donated by undead artist supreme Jeremy of iZombie fame.

Yes, I'm well aware that this issue of SPATTER ANALYSIS: THE HORROR MAGAZINE YOU WROTE is roughly a month late, as it should have appeared at the beginning of January rather than the end.  Luckily, my New Year's resolution wasn't punctuality, otherwise I would be off to a terrible start.  My resolution for 2011 is to be even more me than I've ever been before.  Because let's face it:  I'm pretty damn perfect just the way I am.  (Although I keep hearing my wife mutter something about humility, whatever that's supposed to mean...)  Now, before this issue becomes any later than it already is, let's just get on with the show. --J/Metro
NOTE:  None of the articles below are hosted on my blog, and the authors retain sole ownership. The links are provided here without explicit permission in many cases, because, as far as I know, linking with proper attribution does not go against proper blogger etiquette. Consider this the Midnite Media equivalent of an award, only rather than be awarded for your blog overall, it's for a specific post. You know what that means, don't you? More chances to win! Anywho, if for whatever reason you would like the link to your post removed, just let me know and I'll do away with it like I was Paulie Walnuts and this was the Pine Barrens.


Best Films of 2010: Samityville, of Nightmare on Samityville Street, counts down his favorite films of the year just past.

Worst Films of 2010:  In a rare twofer, Samityville gets a second stab in this month's issue, counting down his least favorite films of 2010.

Top 10 Impacts of Horror on 2010:  R.D. Penning of Dead End Drive-In runs down the ten events that he feels had the most impact on our beloved genre during 2010.

"You Are Not Content With The Stories, So I Was Obliged To Come":  CRWM of And Now The Screaming Starts beautifully argues against urban horror classic Candyman being labeled a 'slasher' film.

What's Black And White And Dead All Over?:  Jeff of Dinner With Max Jenke takes a fresh look at an old classic, George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.

The Church of Vampirism (Or How I Learned To Stop Fearing Women Named Carmilla):  Aaron of Dread Carcosa ruminates on the power of religious symbols in the vampire myth.

Here There Be Monsters -- Frankenstein by Mary Shelley:  In a previous issue, Joe Monster of From Beyond Depraved feasted on Dracula.  Now he's piecing together his thoughts on that other classic...

The Saga of Victims:  Gilligan of Retrospace takes a look back at an underground grindhouse comic series that ran in the back pages of the now-defunct Scream magazine, both of which are begging for a comeback.

Who Needs Birth Control? -- Terrifying Births In Horror History:  Andre from The Horror Digest will never get pregnant.  Horror movies are the reason why.

Eaten By The Monster Of Obsession:  Emily of Without Obsession Life Is Nothing meets her idol: the one, the only...Mr. John Waters.

Horror Porn Rises Again:  Pax Romano of Billy Loves Stu gives us a pictorial examination of, well...I believe the title speaks for itself.  (NSFW)


  1. lots of cool end of the year stuff, and people places and pain... lots of pain...

    great job!

    ps. drop me an email for your next cover idea...
    i have a design idea?

  2. Welcome to "FRIGHT CLUB"
    You have been selected to be a member, but we do not exist.
    Do not share this with anyone, Frights begin soon...
    Rules are "NOT" there and you need "NOT" join:


    I am not here...

  3. Thanks for the shout out once again, Jonny! Honored as always to be here with my fellow bloggers, and an excellent job to you for putting this whole thing together. Now I have so much more reading material!

  4. Thanks for the inclusion of my Vampire article and another great issue of Splatter Analysis.

    Cool cover too.

    - Aaron


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