Saturday, December 18, 2010

...In the Woods (Trailer)

Has anyone else heard about this movie?  I stumbled across the trailer on Hulu, but still have no idea what its about--which I think is their marketing ploy.  It's got a bevy of celebrities in it, appearing as themselves (it seems), and is a documentary according to some sources.  But it definitely appears to have some horror overtones.  Good or bad, my curiosity is piqued, and I'll be seeking this one when it comes out on DVD.

Check it out:



  1. What the heck? Very intriguing. Thanks for posting this. I could take or leave a few of the folks featured, but there are also a bunch that make me want to see this. It almost seems like a hoax trailer a la Grindhouse.

  2. Huh?! That may very well be the weirdest trailer I've seen. But interesting. Seeing Moby makes it even weirder.


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