Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad Reputation (2005)

Bad Reputation

Written & Directed by Jack Hemphill

Michelle...Angelique Hennessy
Aaron...Jerad Anderson
Jake...Mark Kunzman
Steve...Chris Basler

First off, let me give you the twenty-five cent synopsis:
Quiet and outcast new girl Michelle is invited to a party by the football captain Aaron. She's nervous at first, but once there she begins to feel like Cinderlla at the ball; at least until Aaron and his buddies drug her and rape her. She is immediately branded as the school slut, and her day to day life becomes torturous. Everyone wants to either humilate her or nail her, and in some instances both. In the end, they push her too far.

There is a particular sub-genre of horror films in which young high school girls (with a little supernatural assistance) use the teenage male's hormones against them to gain something, often revenge. These movies include Tamara, Ginger Snaps, and Jennifer's Body.  As you can see from the examples cited, the supernatural elements aren't always the same, but the general premise is:  girl gets wicked, girl seduces boy, girl kills boy.

Bad Reputation attempts to take that formula, remove the supernatural element, and add in a dose of I Spit on Your Grave.  I know what you're thinking:  Finally, a rape-revenge film for teenagers!  But as much "fun" as that may sound, this is a terribly dull flick that literally put me to sleep, forcing me to hit rewind and relive it all over again.

Truthfully, the first hour or so played out like a lower-budgeted movie made for the Lifetime Channel--which is, of course, the chanel for women who hate men.  It was full of melodrama, tears, and handsome men doing cruel things to innocent women.  Luckily I wasn't watching this one with my wife, otherwise Jonny wouldn't be getting any loving for a week.

It wasn't until the final third of the film that even a hint of the so-called horror cropped up, and by then I had lost all interest and was just waiting out the clock.  The kills were mostly-implied and unimaginative, so there's not even much of a payoff.

If you're willing to sit with your proverbial balls in an equally-proverbial vice for an hour, just to see a supposed high school girl ditch her frumpy sweats and dress like a tramp for 30 minutes, more power to you.  You're a better man than I.

Well, not better.  But definitely dirtier

Rated R
90 Minutes
United States

"They showed her no shame.  She showed them no mercy."

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