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Raw Meat (1972)

Raw Meat

In 1892, a cave-in caused a large number of co-ed miners to be trapped deep beneath the surface of London.  The rescue efforts were expensive, causing the mining company to go bankrupt.  With no funds available, and no proof of survivors, the decision was made to let the dead stay buried.

But there were survivors, those who fought off the ravages of starvation by consuming the flesh of their fallen compatriots.  They even procreated--and why not?  There's not much to do down there in the dark, and sex was probably their only form of entertainment.

Eat, screw, die and be eaten.  It's the circle of life, my friends.

Flash forward to "modern" day, however, and the number of deaths has surpassed the numbers of birth, until one disfigured descendent of the original miners finds himself without food and without family.  The cheese, as it were, stands alone.  His secret and forgotten world breeched by the subway system, he travels to the surface for the only type of sustenance he has ever known.

Human flesh.

Alex and Patricia are college students who inadvertently find themselves in the midst of both the cannbial's hunt for food, and the missing persons cases that it turns into.

Although this sounds pretty damn good on paper--or on computer screen, as the case may be--it's not nearly as entertaining as it should be.  It sounds like an unreleased John Skipp novel, but it plays out like a watered-down, made-for-TV adaptation of same.  The acting is good, the special effects are passable, and the opening theme was as badass as they come--even if it was decidedly at odds with the rest of the score.  Unfortunately, there are only a few brief moments of gore, and not many more moments of outright horror.  Much of the time is spent with the characters yammering on about the police investigation.  Which is fine for an episode of Poirot, but it doesn't cut the mustard in what is supposed to be a horror film.

This movie is set in London, so it makes sense that it has a Brittish vibe to it.  But it is very Brittish, the stuffy sort of Brittish that devolves the legendary Dr. Loomis into a prissy bitch who throws a hissy fit when he learns that his tea is made with tea bagsTea bags? Can you even imagine!?

Overall, the filmmakers took too tame of an approach to a theme that should have been extreme.  A movie like this should have kicked me in the crumpets--but, alas, my scones have escaped unscathed.

Rated R
87 Minutes

Quite right.  Tut-tut.  Cheerio and all that.


  1. I thought this was a fun flick, although I do agree with ya, J-cousin o' mine, that it comes off fairly weak when compared to other subsequent films that deal with maniacs, cannibalism & rape. But I particularly enjoyed the sequence with Donald Pleasence and his partner getting all drunk at the bar after hours and actin' goofy.


  2. Reads almost like a Jack Ketchum take on H.G. Wells' Morlocks, and the poster is pretty cool too.

    A shame the exectuion was so poor, or this one might have been a classic.

    - Aaron

  3. I remember catching this one on late night TV in England when I was maybe 12 or so, and it scared the shit out of me. I just watched it again recently, and it seemed a lot slower than I remembered. But for pure nostalgia alone I enjoyed it. And it was nice to know that there were other things to be scared of on late night London underground platforms back in the 70s than drunk skinheads....

  4. Hi Jonny,
    I found you over on DVD Infatuation where you left a comment. I just wanted to say I love your blog much better, the layout, the picture insertions and the actual horror reviews.

    That guy that runs DVD Infat. is a cohost on the Planet Macabre podcast, maybe you could shoot the podcast producers an email and ask to get on the show. I would love to listen to you and your take on horror reviews.

    Gary S.

  5. Gary,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I just discovered DVD Infatuation, but I think it's a pretty good site. I'll have to check out the Planet Macabre podcast. As for me trying to join in...I wouldn't want to horn in on their territory. Besides, I'm a much better writer than a talker.

    And I ain't that good a writer!

    Hope to see you around here again, Gary.


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