Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blood Mania (1970)

Blood Mania

Written by Peter Carpenter, Tony Crechales & Toby Sacher
Directed by Robert Vincent O'Neill

Dr. Craig Cooper...Peter Carpenter
Victoria Waterman...Maria De Aragon
Gail Waterman...Vicki Peters

Victoria has a love-hate relationship with her father: she hates the man, but she loves his money. Now that he's bedridden with a heart condition, the only thing standing in the way of her getting ahold of all that money is that pesky thing called life. She's also enamored with her father's physician, Dr. Craig Cooper, and once she learns that Dr. Cooper owes $50,000 to a very dangerous man, she uses the promise of her father's money to manipulate him into a sexual relationship.

Now all she's got to do is off the old bastard, and then it's a simple matter of collecting that inheritance.

Or is it? What of Victoria's sister Gail, who, although estranged, has at least never practiced patricide? Wouldn't it only make sense that Daddy throw her a few bones?

First off, let me state that this is barely a horror movie--it's more of an "erotic" "thriller" (and yes, both words do deserve to be imprisoned within Sarcastic Quotes)--and that the title makes very little sense until the final ten minutes of the film.

Although populated with gorgeous retro honeys and gratuitous T&A, Blood Mania moves waaaaaaaay too slow, and contains too much filler material to pad it out to feature length. Long, leisurely walks on the beach and a casual stroll through a renaissance fair? Pure cinematic packing peanuts! And the camera work was atrocious, with entire scenes playing out while the camera is focused on some inappropriate part of the anatomy. I don't care if you went to the Yucca Flats School of Cinematography, I don't need to see two people's waists while they're having a conversation!

It never pretends to be anything more than what it is--impure drive-in exploitation fare--but the problem is that it is never once frightening, and it is simply not sleazy enough to make it interesting.

Or, as Variety may have said back in the day:

Sleazer Cheeser Not A Crowd Pleaser!

Rated R
81 Minutes
United States

"You are a bitch. Come here, bitch."


  1. Aw, sorry this was a stinker - the cover art you posted up at top had such potential.

    "Stay J"

  2. My Alphabetic Brother, J:

    Yeah,those poster makers sure know how to lure in us perverts. Too bad you really can't judge a book by its cover.

    "Stay J" indeed.


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