Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tim Burton Meets The Addams Family

Literally ripped from the headlines:
"Tim Burton has reunited with his Ed Wood screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski on a pair of projects. They will write The Addams Family, the stop-motion animated film that Burton and Chris Meledandri are producing for Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures."  --Deadline.Com
 Like the aforementioned Ed Wood, this sounds like a film that Tim Burton was born to make.  Now if he would make a stop-motion Scooby Doo, this little beatnik would be in hog heaven.

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  1. /sigh. How many films does Tim need to have Johnny Depp in before people stop watching them? Because you KNOW that Depp will have to be somewhere in this remake. Better yet, how many films does Hollywood have to destroy before people stop dumping money at the theaters? We needed this like we needed to grow a second head. Sorry, I hate remakes more than I hate spiders and veggies.....and that's a lot.

  2. LJ: First of all, call me a sucker, but in my eyes you can't go wrong with Johnny Depp. I understand your trepidation regarding remakes, but the original television show itself was a "remake" in a manner of speaking, as it was a watered-down, family-friendly version of the comic strips. Burton's new project is going to be based on said comics, not the television show (hence the animation--and I think stop-motion is perfect for this project, as it always seems to carry an inherently creepy element), so with any luck, this will effectively carry the spirit of the Charles Addams strips that didn't translate so well to the TV show.


  3. Don't get me wrong, I think Johnny Depp is a top notch actor, I was just not too thrilled about the last two efforts from this team, Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland. Maybe I'm just jaded. I do hope this isn't the same old thing made over, though.

    Nope, I definitely think I'm jaded, after the announcement that they're going to remake Little Shop of Horrors, I think I've just checked out. LOL


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