Thursday, June 17, 2010

Six Minor Works by H.P. Lovecraft

As I continue my chronological journey of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, I have come across a number of  what I call "minor works"--those which are either too short to merit a full review, or those on which I have very little to say for whatever reason.  Here are six more that fit into this category.

Celephais: Another dull experiment in fantasy from Lovecraft, but at least this one is written in language that is easier to read.  A man named Kuranes (well, that's not his real name, it's his dream name, don't you know?) once dreamed of the magical city of Celephais, and now he spends his nights trying to find his way back.  Is it ironic that these dream stories tend to put me sleep?  Published in the May 1922 issue of The Rainbow, after "The Tomb" but before "The Lurking Fear".

What the Moon Brings:  Yet another in the increasing canon of Lovecraft's dreamy tales, this one is shorter and more pointless than others, but at least it gets points for its profusion of morbid imagery.  Published in the May 1923 issue of The Amateur, after "Hypnos" but before "The Horror at Martin's Beach".

Ashes: This short story was actually written by author C.M. Eddy, Jr., and was subsequently revised by Lovecraft (although his involvement was unknown for years, and then ignored for even more years once it was discovered).  I'm taking a momentary pass on this one because it's not technically a Lovecraft story, and it's not freely and readily available.  Maybe I'll come back to it later.  Maybe not.  Sue me.  Published in the March 1924 issue of Weird Tales, after "The Hound" but before "The Rats in the Walls".

The Ghost-Eater:  Another C.M. Eddy tale that was only revised by Lovecraft.  See above.  Published in the April 1924 issue of Weird Tales, after "The Rats in the Walls" but before "Under the Pyramids".

The Loved Dead: Ditto.  Published in the May/June/July 1924 issue of Weird Tales, after "Under the Pyramids" but before "The Festival".

Deaf, Dumb and Blind: Double ditto.  Published in the April 1925 issue of Weird Tales, after "The Festival" but before "The Unnameable".


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  1. I've got HORROR IN THE MUSEUM, the collection of the tales HPL edited/rewrote for other writers, but I've read very little of it. And a lot of those minor tales I read once many, many years ago. But all his Cthulhu mythos stories I've read countless times--those are the ones that truly astound.


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