Sunday, June 6, 2010

Endangered Species (2002)

Endangered Species

Written & Directed by Kevin S. Tenney

Mike “Sully” Sullivan.... Eric Roberts
Susan Sullivan.... Sarah Kaite Coughlan
Phil Yamata.... James W. Quinn
Police Lt. Wyznowski.... John Rhys-Davies
Warden.... Arnold Vosloo

A serial killer known as “The Health Nut” enters a gym and murders everyone that he finds, armed with a high-tech gun loaded with magic bullets. He takes with him the bodies of those deemed to be perfect specimens, i.e., in good health and with no physical scars whatsoever. His kill number has reached epic proportions, and officer Sully is placed in charge of the task force to hunt him down, aided by his fellow smartass and medical examiner Phil and the portly curmudgeon Lieutenant Wyznowski.

They bring into custody a strange man by name of Warden who has equally impressive technology, but it becomes evident that Warden is not the killer. In fact, he seems to be on their side.

So what’s the real deal here, and where does The Health Nut get all those wonderful toys? You’ll have to sit through this uneasy mix of buddy-cop-action and sci-fi-horror (with a strange Humane Society-type message) to find out.

The budget was obviously fairly low on this feature, and thus the special effects, while sometimes passable, were for the most part pretty pathetic, and the alien technology seemed something akin to a third rate SyFy Channel made-for-television movie. The actors did the best with what the had, but there’s not much you can do with a script that features a debate on whether or not Superman could crush Mighty Mouse between his Kryptonian ass cheeks. The musical score is a bit overwhelming at times, and the chase scenes are borderline ludicrous, chock full of slow-motion Six Million Dollar Man leaps and jumps.

All you pervos have something to look forward to, though: a shower scene, strippers, an interrupted blow job, and full frontal nudity. The question is, is that enough to get you to sit through this garbage?

Yeah, I thought it might be.

View the trailer below!

Rated R
94 minutes


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