Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm HUGE in California...


According to Google Analytics, the vast majority of my visitors are coming from California, and in a distant second, New York.

Hawaii, North Dakota, and Idaho?  They couldn't care less about me, it seems.  There hasn't been a single visit from any of these states.  It is my goal to change that, right here and right now through a little something I like to call Keyword Manipulation.  (insert maniacal laughter here)

hula dancers, big kahuna, barack obama, pineapples, potatoes, and, umm...North Dakota

Take THAT, Google!



  1. ...can't say I'm very cool with you Google-stalking your followers.

  2. Take heart, J-bro: You have at least one VERY huge (300+ lbs!) follower in Iowa.

  3. Simon: Due to the glaring lack of emoticons in your comment, I can only assume that you're serious. If it makes you feel any better (safer?), it doesn't tell me which of my visitors comes from which state. It just keeps track of which state the traffic is coming from. More information can be ascertained by viewing anyone's blogger profile. I mean, it's not like I logged your I.P. address, then Google Mapped your street and took a snapshot of you fetching the morning paper with your robe open.

    I'm saving that for a future post...

    Bizarro J: And you have at least one pretty damn small (145 lb) follower in KS. Yeah, I'm little, but I'm scrappy. Kind of like Scrappy Doo with rabies, actually. And you KNOW that would have made one helluva episode!

  4. I kid. I'm currently inventing a keyboard with a 'sarcasm' button, but until then, a :) will have to suffice, yes?

    In fact, for future reference, never take anything I ever say seriously unless the comment involves the word 'seriously'.

  5. Simon: Glad you were kidding. I only have like...3 readers. I'd hate to piss one off.

    And a keyboard with a sarcasm button would be most excellent.



  6. Hahaha very nice, Jonny! From the map it looks like I'm not the only Florida fanatic who's in love with your blog. Today, North Dakota. The day after tomorrow and a few hours later after tea time, the world!

  7. I just sit around clicking your site all day in california to make us the greenest state out there


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