Sunday, April 4, 2010

Short Film From Bad People: The Age of Bikes

If any of you have seen Fever Night AKA Band of Satanic Outsiders, then you know that Jordan Harris and Andrew Schrader, the brains behind Bad People Motion Pictures, can take a small budget and turn out a film that looks close to Hollywood quality.

Well, the boys are at it again. The duo just e-mailed me a link to a new short film entitled The Age of Bikes, which is actually serving as a prologue of sorts to their upcoming feature film The Age of Reason (currently in pre-production).

It's seemingly the polar opposite of Fever Night, just to warn you. Rather than another horror film, The Age of Reason is set to be a darkly humorous and angst-ridden drama. I'm greatly looking forward to it myself, but you can make up your own mind by viewing the short film below.

The Age of Bikes from Andrew Schrader on Vimeo.


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