Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hiking Trip (2007)

The Hiking Trip

Written by Robert Parent, Karen Parent and David Lawrence
Directed by Robert Parent

Tracy Young...Kortney Adams
Todd Lincoln...Dennis Lemoine
Stephanie Brooks...Leah Polacco
Dr. Morgan...David Lawrence

A young woman named Tracy awakens in a strange hospital room with no knowledge of how she got there. The last thing she remembers is embarking on a hiking trip with two friends, Todd and Stephanie.  In her mind, she was with them only moments ago.  But in reality, she has been in a coma for approximately three months.  So what happened to her on that hiking trip, and what horrible fate befell her friends?

That's exactly what her doctor intends to find out.  Through the course of her treatments, Tracy takes us back to that day in the woods, revealing her story in tidbits and snippets (oh, my!).

The doctor, I should mention, is not your ordinary doctor.  And no, he's not one of those mad doctors either.  He seems quite sane, and quite good at his job in fact, but you never actually see the man.  He presents himself to Tracy (and to us) from a different location, appearing as a large mechanical eye/camera attached to the wall of her room.  Why?  I couldn't tell you.  Just pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Tracy's story packs quite a few horrific images, but it also packs quite a few inconsistencies.  You're never really sure if what is being shown actually happened, or if it's some lunatic hallucination being recounted by a crazy person.

This unlikely mix of the dreadful Gothika and and the so-bad-yet-so-addictive Fox Reality Channel show Solitary is a fine attempt at psychological horror, but unfortunately it's just not quite up to the challenge of meeting its own ambitions.  The mixing of reality and fantasy is always a fun concept that runs out of steam real quick, and The Hiking Trip is no exception.

The acting is sometimes stiff, and the scripting a little rough in patches, but overall the direction wasn't bad.  Weighing the pros against the cons, this isn't a bad movie (certainly it's better than much of the low-budget horror out there), but it isn't quite a good movie either.  Quality-wise, it's strictly middle-of-the-road, worth perhaps a rental, but definitely not begging for a second viewing.

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Not Rated
90 Minutes
United States

"Some trips are only in the mind."

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