Friday, April 9, 2010

Clownstrophobia (2009)


Directed by Geraldine Winters & Daniel Dowding

A boy, wearing a clown mask, kills his entire family except for his younger sister.  He's institutionalized for the majority of his life, but one night he escapes while the staff are enjoying a raucous costume party (chock full of sin and debauchery, natch!), and hits the road.  He winds up at an old house where his sister (now a psychiatrist) is hosting an experimental group therapy session.  As luck would have it, all of her patients are young and attractive slasher fodder...each with a deep and ingrained fear of clowns.


You know how in the Halloween series, the young Michael Myers wore a clown mask when he murdered his family?  But then when he grew up, he traded it in for a blank and lifeless latex mask?  Well, this movie seems to be that story on an alternate world, where Michael's name is Snuffles, he spent his formative years watching torture porn, and he never bothered to upgrade his mask.

True, it's not very original and even the un-Halloween-like aspects are derivative of other film series.  But hell, when was the last time a truly creative horror movie came out?  It certainly wasn't The Crazies, or Quarantine, or even Saw VI.  And if we don't hold that against Hollywood (we may say we do, but we still pay to see these movies, don't we?) then how can we hold it against the little guys?  And the villain is a killer clown, for Bozo's sake.  And if you know nothing else about me, know this:  I love me some killer clowns.

To be honest, this movie started out rough.  We're talking rougher than a redneck bar that has run out of Pabst Blue Ribbon on a Saturday night.  The acting was shaky, the characters were thin, and I hadn't the faintest idea what was going on.  But by the time the movie found its legs, it actually turned out to be pretty damn a guilty pleasure sort of way.  The violence is extreme, at times like a low-budget Hostel at a McDonald's Playland, so both slasher fans and gorenographers should find something to enjoy here.

But those of you who hate the smell of greasepaint need not apply.

View the trailer below!

Not Rated
78 Minutes
United States

"Everyone loves a clown, don't they?"


  1. I expected worse, if it ends up in my mailbox I will give it a go homeslice

  2. Got to love a killer clown. Though an emo clown may be a step too far. I'd still give it a go though on the strength of your review.


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