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Satan's Slave (1976)

Satan's Slave
1976 Satan's Slave 11 x 17 inches Style B Movie Mini Poster

Written by David McGillivray
Directed by Norman J. Warren

Catherine Yorke...Candace Glendenning
Alexander Yorke...Michael Gough
Stephen Yorke...Martin Potter
Frances...Barbara Kellerman

Catherine, a young English woman, is en route to a remote country estate with her parents to visit an uncle that she has never before met. A bit of bad blood between him and her father has kept the family apart for many years, but one seemingly random phone call has placed them on the road to forgiveness. Yep, they're going to be one big happy family.

But a freak car accident the moment they pull up to the house claims the lives of both Catherine's parents, and she finds herself in the hands of three total strangers: her uncle Alexander (a distinguished gentleman with an M.D. and an extreme mustache), her cousin Stephen (a handsome playboy), and Alexander's secretary Frances (Stephen's jilted lover). Under their care and guidance, Catherine tries to work through her grief, but it's not easy, what with all the gory psychic visions she's been having! Alexander insists that they are just hallucinations brought on by the trauma, but the title of this movie is Satan's Slave, so we're fairly certain that's not actually the case.

You see, something is terribly wrong with this little family--which isn't giving anything away, really, because we're treated to scenes of ritual sacrifice, date rape and murder before the heroine even makes an appearance! The question is, what do they want with Catherine? The answer? Well, I won't tell you that here, but suffice it to say that astute viewers will have it figured out from the very first scene.

Okay, so this movie started off a bit slow, and there were no real surprises along the way, but there were plenty of death scenes with forensically improbable blood spatter. And if you like a little kink-'n'-sleaze, there's plenty of that here too: the aforementioned rape; a woman tied to a tree, beaten with a crucifix, branded, horse whipped, and then burned alive; bloody lesbian groping; incest; and snakes writhing on naked bodies. How's that for starters?

These things alone don't make a bad movie good, but they do make a mediocre movie better...or at least more interesting. This is precisely the type of genre cinema that Ti West was riffing on in his uneven House of the Devil, so if you're looking for a little pre-history to that film, there are worse places to start than here.

And by worse, I mean with fewer nipples.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Evil Heritage

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Rated R
English, ol' chap!
United Kingdom

"It's Catherine's birthday. You're invited to her torture party!"

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  1. I always find movies about Satanist and satanworshippers so hilarious, probably because they look even sillier then christians themselves!

    Theres always those cheesy cloaks they wear, and whenever Satan appears, its always laugh inducing. This looks like its no different.

    Ever seen The Devils Rain with William Shatner and Ernest Borgnine as the devil? Hee-la-rious!

  2. I own this, but have yet to check it out. You have inspired me to dig it out of my collection and give it a look. Plus I'm already a fan of a few of "Stormin" Norman's other films.

  3. I gave this one the ol' college try, but I found it to be lacking. The big reveal in the end came after far too much wordy dialog for me to care, I agree fully on this one Johnny!


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