Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wasp Woman (1959)

Wasp Woman

 Written by Leo Gordon
Directed by Roger Corman

Susan Cabot .... Janice Starlin
Michael Mark .... Eric Zinthrop
Anthony Eisley .... Bill Lane
Barboura Morris .... Mary Dennison
William Roerick .... Arthur Cooper

A doctor with an unusual fondness for winged insects has found a way to extract a chemical compound from wasps that can be injected to reverse the aging process in animals. When Mrs. Starlin, an aging beauty queen in charge of a faltering cosmetics business, sees the wonders that the formula can perform, she insists that she be the first human test subject.

Initially the formula is successful, restoring her former youth and beauty, but eventually it transforms her into a deadly bug-eyed insect-woman hybrid. Unfortunately, it takes too long to happen. 52 minutes to be precise. I'm all for building up suspense, but that never was the director's strong point. It dwells too much on inter-office suspicion and politics and not enough on much of anything else.

The acting is fine but the characters are dull and one dimensional. The make-up effects are lame and forgettable, but that's to be expected. Most importantly, however, is that the film itself is slow and boring, unlike much of Corman's work.

It's The Fly as filtered through the eyes of a Poverty Row denizen. The years have not been kind to this film, and it remains for completists only.

ALSO KNOWN AS: The Bee Girl; Insect Woman;

Not Rated
73 minutes
Black & White
United States


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  1. Ive been watching some of Cormans films, gotta say he really knew how to make a creepy movie...but this seems like his earlier work. Too bad its not as good as the stuff he was doing in the 60s and 70s.

    If you havent watched it, I recommend Tales of Terror! A great Corman flick.


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