Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shock the Vote at Bloody Disgusting

I'm sure all of you have noticed an abundance of horror blogs respectfully requesting that you vote for them in the Bloody Disgusting Horror Blogger Award Hullabaloo. I, for one, am not going to do that. Primarily because I wasn't nominated. I am, however, going to encourage you to vote for SOMEONE--I don't care who, so long as it's a blog that you believe in. Horror Bloggers (and bloggers in general) are hard-working folk who do this shit for free, so when something like this comes along you should really take advantage. You only get one vote so make it count, you spooky bastards.

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HorrorBlips: vote it up!


  1. I made special care in not asking anyone to vote for me, but man who could pass up the opportunity to thank BD! Next year Johnny, but in the mean time I nominate you for kicking ass and taking names

  2. Hey, I wasn't nominated either, Jonny... I think there's some sort of conspiracy against us "J"'s, y'know? ;) But to be fair, mine's not strictly a "horror" blog anymore since I meander around from topic to topic anyhow, returning to horror on a semi-regular basis. And besides, I wouldn't nominate mine for toilet paper even if it was printed on tissue and I REALLY had to go.

    But you deserved a nod for sure, and I'm sure tons of other worthy sites got passed over, and I'd also like to agree with ya as to how cool it is to see a lot of our friends on that list. Heck yeah, break a leg, ladies and gents.

  3. Carl: Kicking ass and taking names? As far as nominations go, that one ain't half bad!

    J.Astro: I harbor no ill feeling about not being nominated. I'm a bit of a newbie--just surpassed the one year mark--and am quite a bit more low-profile than many of the ones that did receive nominations. I'm just thankful that there IS finally such a thing as a REAL award for REAL horror bloggers.

    And I would TOTALLY use your blog for toilet paper.



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