Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jonny Gets His! (Award, that is.)

Since the beginning of the new year, awards have been flying around the blogosphere like bullets at the premiere of Notorious, and I'm very pleased to say that yours truly has finally been tagged.  I'm even more pleased that the One Lovely Blog Award was bestowed upon me by WIEC?, whose blog I respect pretty much above all others--if you're not reading him, get off your ass and make with the clickity-click.

As is the norm for these sorts of awards, the receiver must then turn around and pass it onto others.  Like herpes...only without all that awkward social embarrassment.

I was suppose to choose 15, but seeing as how many of the blogs I love are equally loved by others (and thus have already received the award), I've trimmed the list down to ten.  And by the time you read this, they've probably already been nominated by someone else.  But thems are the breaks.

The Manchester Morgue
Lost Video Archive
Scenes From the Morgue: Retro-Pulp Movie Ads
The Cheap Bin
Mondo 70: A Wild World of Cinema
Cinema Du Meep
B-Movies and Beyond
Moving Picture Trash
Neato Coolville
Cool Ass Cinema

Enjoy your awards, fellas!

UPDATE: It seems that William Malmborg also passed this award onto me a few days ago without my realizing it! So, my friends, that makes it a two-fer. Be sure to check out his blog.

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  1. Danke schon Herr Metro. I wasn't aware there was an "award" flurry. Glad I kinda stumbled into it.

  2. Nice job. You earned it. In fact, I believe I threw one your way a few days ago to so you actually have at least two.

  3. well earned JM! keep up the good work.


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