Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fun With Random Name Generators

Not sure if any of you have ever heard of the website, Seventh Sanctum. I know I hadn't, but I accidentally stumbled across it while doing a Google search for the "Jersey Shore" name generator (don't ask). While Seventh Sanctum didn't offer the name generator I was looking for, they did have a whole host of others. I wasted a good hour or so playing around with some of the ones that sounded the most interesting, and thought I would share them with you.

We can waste time together! Isn't that special?

B-Movie Title Generator
Can you honestly tell me that you wouldn't drop a few hard-earned dollars to see these films? 
  • Destiny of The Cannibal Indestructible People
  • The Cannibal Kiss of Davy Crockett
  • Beach of Hitler
  • Gore and Sensuality
  • The Luscious Mystery of Charles Uninhibited
  • The Decadent Kiss of Jack the Ripper
  • Paul Bunyan meets The Sensual Dolphin
  • Brides of Filth
  • The Whorehouse of Rage
  • Lizzie Borden and Billy The Kid go to The Hollow Earth

Martial Arts Move Generator
Next time some young Hot Topic poser looks at me funny, I'm dropping some science on their pink-skull wearing asses with one of these Wu-Tang approved fatalities.
  • Distant Madman Chop of Waters
  • Five Guardians Thunder of Ghostly Blocks
  • Fourteen Irrational Thieves Knee of Silent Poles
  • Great Automaton's Toe of the Glacier
  • Phantasmal Cyclone of the Cunning Cat
  • Radiant Slam of the Crazy Mouse
  • Unwise Destroyer's Stomp of the Leg
  • Demonic Choke
  • Forbidden Elbow of the Monk
  • Tornado of Perfected Letcherous Priests

Disease Generator

I refuse to go to the doctor unless absolutely necessary.  These are the ailments that I would make an exception for. 
  • Ghost Madness
  • Puking Arse
  • Great Chaos Heart
  • Unholy Reflux
  • Wicked Palsy
  • Intestinal Eye
  • Stranger's Pestilent Intestines
  • Festering Sneeze
  • Morbid Foot
  • Mummy's Congestive Dance

Superhero/Supervillain Name Generator

Spider-Man?  Bah!  Batman?  Pshaw!  Move over, bitches.  MidMed Comics is taking over with these super-cool characters. 
  • Secret Deluder
  • Unified Gut
  • Foot Assassin
  • Time Zombie
  • Mister Pi
  • Grave Shaker
  • Psychosex
  • Minister Meat
  • Judge Howl
  • Dirtgiggle

Cartoon Generator
Cartoons just aren't the same anymore.  I grew up on Scooby Doo, the Smurfs, and Inspector Gadget.  Forget those big-eyed Anime sissies.  These are the shows that I want to see come Saturday Morning.
  • Adam Midnight And The Zapmice
  • Brock Thunder And The Monkey Fighters
  • Mister Flash And The Commandos Of Time
  • Dangerbears
  • Monster Police
  • Teen Monkeys
  • Muttbots
  • Moonfrogs
  • Miss Cosmic And The Astrophantoms
  • Ghost Teens
Now, if you'll excuse me I have to design a new costume for Dirtgiggle.  The last one kept falling apart in the rain.


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