Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bogey Marathon on TCM (12.16.09)

Starting bright and early tomorrow morning (Wednesday December 16th), TCM is continuing with their third in a series of Humphrey Bogart marathons. This time around, it seems we even have a real-life horror film (The Return of Dr. X) as well as a couple titles he's most well-known for: Casa Blanca and The Maltese Falcon.

6:00 AM: Becoming Attractions: Humphrey Bogart (1996)
"Host Robert Osborne takes a look at Humphrey Bogart's rise to stardom through the marketing of his movie trailers."

7:00 AM: The Return of Dr. X (1939)
"A murderer returns from the grave with a thirst for blood."

8:15 AM: You Can't Get Away With Murder (1939)
"A young tough takes the rap for a hardened gangster."

9:45 AM: Brother Orchid (1940)
"After a failed hit, a mob chief recuperates in a monastery."

11:15 AM: It All Came True (1940)
"A gangster hides out in a boardinghouse full of eccentrics."

1:00 PM: The Wagons Roll at Night (1941)
"A circus manager turns a young farm boy into a star lion tamer."

2:30 PM: Across the Pacific (1942)
"An American agent tries to keep Axis spies from blowing up the Panama Canal."

4:15 PM: All Through the Night (1942)
"A criminal gang turns patriotic to track down a Nazi spy ring."

6:15 PM: The Big Shot (1942)
"A mob leader escapes prison and flees with his love to a mountain hideaway, where he tries to atone for his sins."

8:00 PM: The Maltese Falcon (1941)
"Hard-boiled detective Sam Spade gets caught up in the murderous search for a priceless statue."

10:00 PM: Casa Blanca (1942)
"An American saloon owner in North Africa is drawn into World War II when his lost love turns up."

12:00 AM: Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
"Three prospectors fight off bandits and each other after striking-it-rich in the Mexican mountains."

2:15 AM: The African Queen (1951)
"A grizzled skipper and a spirited missionary take on the Germans in Africa during World War I."

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