Monday, November 16, 2009

Weird Keywords

Every once in a while, I like to check in on my ol' Google Analytics account and marvel at all of the information it offers. Information which, for the most part, I simply don't understand. What I do understand, however, is that some people stumble across my little blog accidentally while doing an internet search for, Here are some of the racier keywords reported.
  • Fake Nude Actress
  • brunette wife nightvision amateur porn "2006" -gay-
  • grant dances topless with watusi dancers
  • toplessbikinifashionshow
  • Sexo Bizarro
  • Hot Inches
These keywords may not be porn related, but still, you have to wonder about some people...
  • Belly Expansion
  • miniature and dollhouse and prisoner and shrunken
  • Red Satan God Animated Gorillas
  • Zit Lover
  • "Needle Through His Cheek" Pimp
And, lest we forget, my personal favorite keyword search.
  • evil cyborgs and their dinosaur sidekicks leave the future to chase a runaway human slave to late-1990s los angeles, where the fugitive finds help in the form of prostitute-turned-nun sister ann.
I guess I really shouldn't judge these people.  After all, I'M the one with the blog that all of these keywords lead to.

Maybe my mother was right about me...

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  1. you can keep the "hot inches" (good name for a band maybe) but i want to see the movie with "dinosaur side kicks and prostitutes turned into nuns"

  2. brunette wife nightvision amateur porn "2006" -gay-

    ..Sorry.. that one was mine lol..

    Amazing. We seriously need to track down the dinosaur flick and call that dude over when we find out the title. I vote that it was MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY

  3. Nope, I reckon it was Future War-

    Check it out, sounds like what that guy was looking for.


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