Friday, November 27, 2009

The Shining...Part Deux?

I'm sure that this is already making its way all over the blogosphere, but I've been away for a few days cannibalizing turkeys and defending myself against the horrors of Black Friday shoppers, so I just now heard about it.

Author Stephen King announced at a Toronto reading/bullshit session to promote his new novel Under the Dome--moderated by director David Cronenberg, no less--that he is kicking around the idea of penning a sequel for his classic novel The Shining. Tentatively titled Dr. Sleep (which sounds like either a Muppet or an old Poverty Row Bela Lugosi pic, I'm not sure which), it would follow the now-middle-aged Danny Torrance, currently using his powers of clairvoyance to assist him in his work as a hospice employee.

However, a short time later King told that he doesn't have any immediate plans to start work on the novel.
“It’s a great idea, and I just can’t seem to get down to it. People shouldn’t hold their breath. I know it would be cool, though. I want to write it just for the title, Dr. Sleep. I even told them [at the book signing], ‘It will probably never happen.’ But ‘probably’ isn’t ‘positively,’ so maybe.”
Well, it's a better idea than From A Buick 9.  I'm still looking for the previous 7 volumes!


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