Saturday, October 31, 2009

[Vintage Radio] Inner Sanctum: Song of the Slasher


Inner Sanctum
"Song of the Slasher"
Original Air Date 04.24.45

After a spookily amusing commercial for Lipton Tea (you know, the one with that brisk, brisk flavor) delivered by our host Raymond "the gay ghoul", we dive into the story proper. It revolves around police detective Dan Miller as he investigates the case of...THE SLASHER!

The slasher has murdered and mutilated five victims in eight days, and there is no sign that he will be stopping any time soon. In fact, Detective Miller arrives on scene just as the Slasher's latest victim is in the final throws of death. Such a hard-boiled dick is he--dick being the operative word--that when she does keel over, he actually has the intestinal fortitude to chastise her. "Hey! Don't do that!"

He has no real clues to go on other than the fact that the Slasher whistles while he works, some "queer tune" that Detective Miller just can't place. And on this particularly dark and foggy night, he chases that tune through the neighborhood, trying to locate the knife-wielding madman that seems to be consistently one step ahead and always just out of sight.

It's a brief and relatively fun 30-minutes, but not too shocking to modern audiences. We're too used to the silver screen to be frightened by the silver speakers. Still, its got a bit of old-school tough-guy lingo and an off-kilter musician that would be at home in any number of those black-and-white crime films that exploited the jazz generation. It will probably be of interest to fans of the old E.C. Comics stories, as well as slasher film fanatics that want a little history lesson.

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