Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vampiyaz (2004)


Written & Directed by Zachary Winston Snygg

Jakeem...Richard Carroll, Jr.
Khalil...Malik Burke
Stacey...Lila Blake Palmer
Ray...Randy Clarke

When two thuggin’ thieves find themselves involved in a heist gone bad, Khalil shoots his partner Jakeem and lets him take the wrap. Eight years later, Jakeem is a free man and hungry for vengeance. Khalil, however, has become a full-force gangster. And, oh yeah, a vampire.

Funny how time changes things, isn’t it?

Khalil and his new boy Ray (a “ghetto fabulous version of Renfield”) kidnap Jakeem and force him to steal a mystical amulet supposedly capable of lifting the vampiric curse, for some reason holed up in a safe in a tenement building. But once Khalil places the amulet around his neck—ha ha, fooled ya’ bitch—he’s a vampire even more powerful than before.

Inept acting and horrific camera work do the film in even before the script does, which is really saying something. Inconsistencies, such as Jakeem being too deaf to hear someone firing a gun at him, but not to deaf to hear the safe’s silent tumblers falling into place, seem unimportant when compared to the constant strain of the actor’s stepping on each other’s lines and a camera that jiggles more than an episode of Baywatch. The action scenes are anything but and the whole premise seems plucked from the bottom of the proverbial barrel. But what do you expect from the company that brought us Zombiez?

We are, however, offered a pretty decent (albeit mostly off-camera) death scene that you never saw coming, and a snippet of a capella Kanye West. I guess that’s something.

Just be glad he didn't storm the set to tell everyone that Beyonce had the best movie ever with Obsessed...

Rated R
83 Minutes
United States

Vampiyaz is currently ranked #52,569 in DVDs at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!

"Brothaz in Blood."


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  1. All the same comments could be made about KILLJOY, just plain terrible filmmaking. Its like watching a high school book report project made in the underachievers class.


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