Saturday, October 31, 2009

Upcoming Awesome Aussie Films


Those of you who have seen the Australian suburban survivalist flick No Through Road (read my review here) may be interested in seeing this trailer for Esoterica, also from Nakatomi pictures. The producer, David Karsten, tells me that it is currently in post-production, so here's hoping that it hits soon.

And speaking of Australian genre films, I received an e-mail not long ago from Scott Alexander of Aquafruzzl Films with a little information about their upcoming 100 Bloody Acres. Thought I'd pass that onto you.
Three young people are on their way to a music festival, deep in country Victoria, when an unexpected detour takes them to the secluded property of Lindsay and Reg Morgan, owners of struggling “blood and bone” business. Over the course of one terrifying afternoon, five characters will come to realize that relationships can be bloody hard work, especially when someone’s trying to turn you into fertiliser.

100 Bloody Acres has been written by up and coming Australian siblings Colin & Cameron Cairnes, who's short Celestial Avenue recently won the grand prize at the Rhode Island Short Film Festival.

Keep an eye out!
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