Saturday, October 3, 2009

Two Stephen King Nuggets

Stephen King has written an essay for Fangoria magazine called "What's Scary," in which he discusses the last decade of horror films.  It's split into two parts, and will be available in Fangoria magazines December 2009 and January 2010 issue.
    Also, King's new novel Under the Dome will be dropping on November 10, 2009. It's a whopping 1,000+ page tome, so you might want to take a few weeks off work, and look into purchasing a wheelbarrow for taking it with you. From Simon & Schuster:
      On an entirely normal, beautiful fall day in Chester's Mill, Maine, the town is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. Planes crash into it and fall from the sky in flaming wreckage, a gardener's hand is severed as "the dome" comes down on it, people running errands in the neighboring town are divided from their families, and cars explode on impact. No one can fathom what this barrier is, where it came from, and when -- or if -- it will go away.

      Dale Barbara, Iraq vet and now a short-order cook, finds himself teamed with a few intrepid citizens -- town newspaper owner Julia Shumway, a physician's assistant at the hospital, a select-woman, and three brave kids. Against them stands Big Jim Rennie, a politician who will stop at nothing -- even murder -- to hold the reins of power, and his son, who is keeping a horrible secret in a dark pantry. But their main adversary is the Dome itself. Because time isn't just short. It's running out.


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