Friday, October 2, 2009

Tons of Horror on TCM

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has a hell of a line-up for genre fans tonight (10.02.09), so pop yourself some popcorn and plop ass on the couch, or at the very least set your DVRs! It's more than 12 hours of gooey goodness.

8:00 PM  Night At The Movies: The Suspenseful World of Thrillers
"This TCM original documentary traces the history of the thriller genre through film clips and interviews."

9:00 PM  Rear Window (Hitchcock)
"A photographer with a broken leg uncovers a murder while spying on the neighbors in a nearby apartment building."

11:00 PM   Night at the Movies: The Suspenseful World of Thrillers (Repeat)

12:00 AM  Shadow of a Doubt (Hitchcock)
"A young girl fears her favorite uncle may be a killer."

2:00 AM  TCM Underground Presents: Shack Out on 101
"A greasy spoon diner provides a base for a spy smuggling nuclear secrets."

3:30 AM  TCM Underground Presents: The Wild Party (Beatsploitation!)
"A former pro-football player falls on hard times."

5:15 AM  Perversion for Profit
"This anti-porn documentary from 1965 shows a floodtide of filth engulfing the country in the form of newsstand obscenity"

6:00 AM  White Zombie (Bela Lugosi)
"A zombie master menaces newlyweds on a Haitian plantation."

7:30 AM  I Walked with a Zombie
"A nurse in the Caribbean resorts to voodoo to cure her patient, even though she's in love with the woman's husband."


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