Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mosquito Man (2005)

Mosquito Man

Written by Michael Hurst
Directed by Tibor Takács

Ray Ericson...Matt Jordan
Dr. Jennifer Allen...Musetta Vander
Dr. Aaron Michaels...Jay Benedict
Lt. Thomas Randall...Corin Nemec
Detective Charlie Morrison...Patrick Dreikauss

The director of a research center has decided that it’s time to test the vaccine they’ve been working on for the West Nile Virus. Going through the proper(?) channels, he arranges for Ray Ericson, convicted murderer currently on death row, to be the first human test subject. Ericson makes the expected escape attempt, and during a shootout with the guards, an explosion exposes him to a massive dose of the vaccine. He immediately flees during the aftermath and quickly mutates into—are you ready for this?—a MOSQUITO MAN! And if you thought he was bloodthirsty before, wait until the transformation.

Jennifer is the beautiful scientist who was exposed, albeit to a much lesser degree, to the explosion. At first glance, she seems fine if a bit shaken up, but it soon becomes obvious that she’s going through a few changes herself, and it ain’t menopause. Tom (AKA Parker Lewis) is her homicide detective boyfriend who, coincidentally enough, helped put Ericson behind bars the first time, and is leading this new investigation. How’s that for synchronicity?

Does it sound a bit like The Fly to you? Well, this movie only wishes it was The Fly. Instead, it’s just a hokey, low-budget cheeser with no thrills or chills, mediocre performances, and cornball special effects. The Mosquito Man looks like an extra from a Gwar concert and Corin Nemec just isn’t nearly as cool as he was during high school. And I know that there are gaping holes in the logic somewhere, but finding them and pointing them out would entail too much time and effort. And quite frankly, I just stopped caring sometime after the first reel.

Avoid the Mosquito Man. It really and truly…sucks.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Mansquito

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Rated R
92 Minutes
United States

Mosquito Man is currently ranked #78,913 in DVDs at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!

"He's more mosquito than man by now."


  1. when i read the name Corin Nemec i was thinking the name sounded familiar. thanks for clearing it up.

    looks like Parker Lewis can lose. never liked that show.

  2. See, if this were a big budget release, i would have to agree, but I thought it was a pleasant surprise for what must have been a tiny budgeted film. There was enough gore and practical FX with a decent costume for me to give the filmmakers some credit. I enjoyed this one more than MIMIC for what it was, a poor man's THE FLY.


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