Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jonny Metro's Cool Shit, Part 3


That's right, it's the Snorks! A genuine, hand-painted coloring guide for the 1988 episode "Snork Ahoy".

One guess who my favorite comic book character is...

Fan-favorite humorist Fred Hembeck was kind enough to send me a pair of sketches on your standard-sized index cards.

After reading this post (on one of my older, now-abandoned blogs), Fred sent me this larger sketch, as well as a number of autographed comic books. (You can read his response to my post by clicking here and scrolling down to 'September 18, 2007').

This is the front and back cover of one of my father's journals (he left them all to me when he committed suicide). He painted it himself, and called it "Ssindy's Secrets." The amusing thing is that it was originally intended to be a work log, but his bosses thought it was too risque. Rather than change the original product, which he liked too much to do, he instead painted a slightly tamer version for work. The second version is probably still in the hands (or storage, more likely) of the scientists at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.


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