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Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007)

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Written by John Ainslie
Directed by Jon Knautz

Jack Brooks...Trevor Matthews
Eve...Rachel Skarsten
Professor Crowley...Robert Englund

Jack Brooks is a troubled young plumber, who has been plagued with issues of rage since witnessing the slaughter of his entire family when he was just a boy. This anger has always gotten him in trouble, so he's finally decided to seek some help in the form of a psychiatrist. Although Jack says he wants to get better, he seems highly adverse to taking any of the doctor's advice. All he has to do is find some way to channel his anger...

While on the job, Jack inadvertently lets loose some ancient evil that quickly possesses Mr. Crowley, his chemistry teacher. Crowley's behavior grows more and more bizarre, and by the time anyone finally realizes what's happening, it's far too late. There are a whole legion of monsters strolling about.

Which is when Jack finally finds a healthy way to channel his anger. Namely, monster slaying.

It's a very, very well made film, and it looks more costly than it probably was. All of the actors put in strong performances, and the special effects were good in that throwback to the 1980s, horror home video type of way. In fact, technically speaking, there's very little in the way of negative things to say about this movie.

The problems begin with the title. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer! Sounds pretty impressive. You envision a highly trained badass, battling werewolves and vampires and the occasional unicorn or platypus--good, B-Grade fun from start to finish. Instead, the first 60+ minutes of this film may as well have been called Jack Brooks: Pissed-Off Plumber, because that's about all that he was. We came to see a Monster Slayer slay some fucking monsters, but we don't get even a hint of that until the last 20 minutes or so.

I appreciate and understand the need to set up an origin for a potential franchise character, but the pacing here just seemed slightly confused. It would have been much better for Jack to discover what was going on when it happened, and the rest of the movie could have been him dealing with it in smaller doses until the big explosive finale. Instead, he was as completely unaware as everyone else.

It's obvious that the filmmakers were attempting to create a sort of Evil Dead for a new generation. With a slightly tighter script, it could have done just that. Here's hoping that the impending sequel won't beat around the bush nearly as much as this one did, and just get down to the nitty gritty.

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Rated R
85 Minutes

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is currently ranked #13,535 in DVD's at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!

"How did you dig the hole?"

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  1. Agreed, a missed opportunity on this one but I am with you in hoping that they franchise this one into a sweet monsterthon


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