Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Poster Party


In case you weren't aware, it's Halloween.  Not only that, but there was once a swell little movie franchise that revolved around this very holiday!  So what better time than to take a look back at some of the poster images that advertised said franchise?  That's right my friends, it's a veritable Halloween Poster Party!

(USA) The one we know and love...

(Germany) Looks a little cornball to me.

(Japan) Pretty cool...even though Michael looks vaguely like a Simpsons character.

(Spain) It looks Michael just cut Laurie out of a magazine.

(Yugoslavia) Bitch-slapping hand ready...

(USA) All New!

(Australia) Well, I guess orange and black are the official colors of Halloween.

(Germany) Umm...spooky?

(Japan) Obviously the coolest fucking poster in the bunch.

(USA) Three more days 'til Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

(France) Seriously? This is the best you could do?

(USA) How does that big ass head fit in that itty bitty house?

(France) Better than their last effort...

(Germany) The itty bitty house has been replaced with itty bitty green heads.

(USA) This one must be good, because they looked the same all across the globe.

(USA) Why so blue, Mikey?

(Thailand) The letter 'E' has been brought to you by Eminem.

(Italy) Michael gets an eyeful.

(USA) Josh Hartnett must have complained about being stuck in the back...

(Japan) they fixed him up right this time.

(France) eh.

(Germany) Again with the pumpkin?

(Germany) This one looks like a Lifetime Network Made-For-TV Movie.

(USA) The only place to see Busta Rhymes and Jamie Lee Curtis as the bread of a Tyra Banks sandwich.

(China) There's a certain circus vibe here.

And then there was Rob...


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