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The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

The Corpse Vanishes

Written by Harvey Gates & Sam Robins
Directed by Wallace Fox

Patricia Hunter...Luana Walters
Professor Lorenz...Bela Lugosi
Countess Lorenz...Elizabeth Russell
Dr. Foster...Tristram Coffin
Keenan...Kenneth Harlan

Five brides have dropped mysteriously dead at the altar, and each time their bodies go missing shortly afterward. The only similarity between the girls, other than their penchant for white dresses, is the orchid they wore on their breast. An orchid with a peculiar odor. Hmm…

Professor Lorenz is the (of course) mad scientist behind the deaths and disappearances, using the corpses of the young brides to keep his aging wife beautiful. In his employ are an ominous midget, a dim-witted and animalistic man, a dignified PhD, and an old crone. Patricia Hunter—a real Lois Lane type—is the newspaper reporter covering the story in hopes of proving herself to her crabby editor. She somehow gets suckered into spending the night in the old Lorenz place and realizes she’s closer to the truth than she thought.

It’s a fun, old-school picture without any thrills and chills or major surprises (pretty much everything is put right out in the open from the very beginning,) but a lot of offbeat factors (the Lorenz’s sleep in matching coffins, because they’re more comfortable than beds.) Master Lugosi is great as usual, and everyone else delivers solid performances in the classic, somewhat melodramatic sense. And you can’t help but love that pimped-out pinstripe suit that Dr. Foster wears and Ms. Hunter’s tough-talking, hardboiled-in-training journalism argot. Give it a try…before it vanishes.

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Not Rated
64 Minutes
Black and White

The Corpse Vanishes is currently ranked #52,285 in DVD's at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!

"Professor Lorenz is a hypnotist as well as a horticulturist?"

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