Friday, September 4, 2009

Visitor Q (2001)

Visitor Q

Written by Itaru Era
Directed by Takashi Miike

Kenichi Endo .... Kiyoshi Yamazaki (Father)
Shungiku Uchida .... Keiko Yamazaki (Mother)
Jun Mutô .... Takuya Yamazaki (Son)
Kazushi Watanabe .... Visitor

With the arrival of a mysterious houseguest, the dynamics of an already incredibly dysfunctional family rapidly breaks down into a contagious case of insanity. Abuse, drug addiction, prostitution, incest, infidelity, rape, murder and necrophilia are all covered here in simultaneously absurd and disturbing detail. In the end, it's an extreme and over-the-top look at the importance of family, but some people may be a little too shocked to see it or even to get that far in the film. There's not much else of a storyline to speak of other than what is mentioned above, so to give anything else away would be unfair. Suffice it to say that it is a shocking snippet of madness and moral decay that will have you cringing at some points and sitting slack jawed in awe at others.

As is usual, director Takashi Miike follows no conventions and is willing to push the envelope as far as it can go (which makes the fact that some of the nudity is censored all the more confusing.) Steeped heavily in surrealism and symbolism, it's a bit too artsy for the grindhouse and a bit too horrifying for the arthouse. And while it's highly respected and revered for the breeching of eternal taboos, more often than not it seems to be shocking for the sheer purpose of being shocking. Miike's films are always left open for interpretation and that's part of their charm, but unlike most, Visitor Q creates a plethora of questions that go unanswered and offers you nothing with which to base an interpretation.

It boils down to this: see it if you're a fan of Miike's work and have seen quite a few of his other films, but by no means begin your collection here.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Digitally censored penis; Premature problems; Ass interview; Battle of the bottle rockets; Udderly distasteful; Swimming in mama's milk;

ALSO KNOWN AS: Love Cinema Vol. 6: Visitor Q

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84 minutes
Japanese (with English subtitles)

Visitor Q is currently ranked #54,482 in DVD's at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!


  1. One of the few times where I've almost vomited from the onscreen shenanigans going on. The necrophilic scene and subsequent 'waste removal' did it for me. I could handle the spurting lactations.

    Somewhere in the flick was a message about life in Japan but it was entirely lost on me.

  2. I'm with you...if there really was a message hidden in there somewhere, I need a map to find it.


  3. Got this one on the list, but havent seen it, the trailer on one of my other Tartan discs looked intriguing to say the least. I have to admit, I do get frustrated sometimes when I cant extract any meaning in some of the asian films though. Nice Coffin Joe banner as well JM!

  4. Yeah, I feel your pain. This movie hurt and confused me. It was sort of like being stabbed by a question mark!

    I'm still not quite as bothered by this as I was with 'Izo,' but it was a close second.


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