Thursday, September 3, 2009

TCM Underground Returns

TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Underground returns tomorrow night. All movies start "around 2:00 AM", so set your Tivos! Here's the schedule for the rest of the year.

I should note that although the schedule may say, for instance, Friday September 4th, the movie technically begins on Saturday September 5th. Just to assuage--or possibly add to--any confusion.

All images gleefully stolen from, and used here for a combination of selfish and promotional reasons. All rights reserved.



  1. Cool. Love TCM Underground. Thanks for the schedule.

  2. Cool post, man - almost makes me wish I actually paid for TV service nowadays... and it's always around this time o' year that I get nostalgic for AMC's "MONSTERFEST" near the end of Oct... even though the last time I tuned into MONSTERFEST, it felt like they only played "THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW" on a non-stop fucking loop, interrupted -once- by the original "PUPPETMASTER".

  3. awesome! thanks for the schedule. maybe i can record Faster Pussy Cat now instead of shelling out $60 to buy the DVD.


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