Friday, September 25, 2009

Shadows of the Dead

Shadows of the Dead

Written & Directed by Carl Lindbergh

Jennifer...Beverly Hynds
John...Jonathon Flanigan

John and Jennifer, a young couple on a road trip, find themselves stranded on an unused back road. While attempting to repair their vehicle, they stumble upon what they think is a corpse, but in reality is something more. John is infected with a horrible virus that stops his heart and decays his flesh. If not for the fact that he were so obviously alive, he would be, well…dead. Under the spell of his growing hunger for flesh, he bites and infects Jennifer as well. While he sustains on a steady diet of unsuspecting campers, she has some strange aversion to murder. Go figure. These aren’t your typical mindless zombies. They still have hearts and yes, indeed, a conscience.

The story, albeit a rather close clone of Return of the Living Dead III, is actually quite good. As with most low-budget fare, however, it suffers from the usual poor scripting, poor delivery and mediocre special effects. Still, fans of the genre may want to take a look if they’re willing to forgive the obvious shortcomings.

If Shaun of the Dead was the first romance movie about not becoming a zombie, then this is perhaps the first about becoming one.

Rated R
92 Minutes
United States

Shadows of the Dead is currently ranked #120,967 in DVD's at  Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!

"We'll be together 'til the end."

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