Monday, September 7, 2009

Rear Window

Rear Window

Written by John Michael Hayes
Directed by Alfred Hitchcok

L.B. Jefferies...Jimmy Stewart
Lisa Fremont...Grace Kelly
Detective Doyle...Wendell Corey

L.B. “Jeff” Jefferies is a magazine photographer who broke his leg trying to get the perfect shot at a car race. Stuck in his tiny two-room apartment in a wheelchair and cast, he has nothing to do but get rubbed down by his wise and matronly house nurse Stella, fret about the idea of marrying his girlfriend Lisa and engage in a healthy dose of voyeurism. From his window he can see into the apartments—and the lives—of his neighbors.

With only a week of house arrest left to go, he becomes wrapped up in the soap opera across the street and begins to suspect that the salesman in the red brick apartment is up to no good. Using only his telescopic photo lens, his boredom and imagination, he’s determined to find out what.

While the relationship between Jeff and Lisa may seem superfluous at first, it’s actually the backbone of the film. Jeff’s mixed feelings about marriage seem to have manifested themselves into the neighbors that he spies on: The happy honeymooners, whom can not keep their hands off of each other, represent what Jeff fears cannot be a reality; The Thorwalds, constantly bickering and deathly unhappy with each other, represent what Jeff is afraid would become a reality; Ms. Torso, strutting around seductively, represents the single life that Jeff would be leaving behind; and Mrs. Lonelyheart and the musician, depressed and single in different apartments, represent Jeff and Lisa themselves, evidenced by their pairing at the end of the film.

Damn, damn good suspense story delivered by the master himself, Alfred Hitchcock. The slow build up really tweaks the tension and the swooping camera work captures life through the telescope lens quite nicely. Jimmy Stewart plays the restless rambler to the T, one cool bastard. Watch for Stella’s little rant about Americans becoming “a race of peeping toms,” predicting the reality TV craze some 40 years before it happens.

“When I was your age, we didn’t have no Survivor. If I wanted reality, I had to look outside.”

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Bad luck black cat; Hottie’s happy dance; The old rub down; Crooning by Crosby; Modern art; That ain’t fish-n’-chips; Doggy elevator; Freaking out on the fire escape;

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112 Minutes
Rated PG
United States

Rear Window is currently ranked #1,940 in DVD's at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!

See? I respect the classics!

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  1. Nice pick-up on the peeping tom thing - my prof also told us to look for that, hinting at the theme of voyeurism throughout the film.


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