Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Netflix Watch Instantly Top 5

"An edgy, eerie supernatural thriller about medical students using their skills to try crossing over to the "other side." After they're revived, the students are haunted and consumed by what they've seen, as their fears, guilt and old memories take root in the physical world. This star-studded film may be remembered more for the tabloid frenzy, upon the film's release, surrounding actors Julia Roberts and ditched beau Kiefer Sutherland."

Maniac Cop
"Larry Cohen writes and William Lustig directs this chiller about a psycho in a police uniform who's terrorizing New York City with a series of random slayings. Lt. McCrae (Tom Atkins) believes a real cop is behind the spree and fingers young Officer Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell). When McCrae becomes the killer's next victim, Forrest and an undercover vice cop (Laurene Landon) strike out on their own to solve the case and clear Forrest's name."

Maniac Cop 2
"After being brutally slain in prison, ex-cop Matt Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) rises from the dead, joins forces with serial killer Turkell (Leo Rossi), and starts killing off strippers in Times Square, in this moody exploitation flick. Anxious detective Sean McKinney (Robert Davi) is on the case, but the job gets personal when the murderers kidnap police psychologist Susan Riley (Claudia Christian) and hold her hostage. William Lustig directs."

Maniac Cop 3
"The Maniac Cop (Robert Z'Dar) returns from the dead for the third time when a female cop is shot down during an attempted hostage rescue. This time, the "wrong" arm of the law wants a love girl, and nothing's likely to stop him! He's undead and unwed, so any cop with a pulse (and there are plenty in this flick) had better give this zombie a wide berth."

Assault on Precinct 13
"This taut action flick from writer-director John Carpenter pits an understaffed police station against a bloodthirsty gang's angry horde gathering outside the precinct's walls. Before Carpenter hit pay dirt with slasher and sci-fi fare (Halloween, Escape from New York), he directed several low-budget, suspenseful thrillers. Assault on Precinct 13, co-starring Austin Stoker and Darwin Joston, is among his best."


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