Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Readers of my blog know that I have been trying to spread the word for the great horror web comic Haiku Comics for some time (see the banner on the right if you don't believe me!). Well, come October 17th-18th, creators the Brothers Olsen will be at the Alternative Press Expo (A.P.E.) in San Francisco, so if any of you out there are planning to attend, drop by to say hello and tell them that Jonny Metro sent you.  While you're there, why not drop $10 for their fresh-off-the-presses Haiku Comics book, which collects the first 100 strips?  It'll make a helluva gift for that macabre loved one in your life.

Oh, and what's that on the back?

(click to enlarge)

That's right.

It looks like I'm accredited.


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