Monday, August 17, 2009

Tamara (2005)


Written by Jeffrey Reddick
Directed by Jeremy Haft

Tamara Riley...Jenna Dewan
Bill Natolly...Matthew Marsden
Chloe...Katie Stuart
Jesse...Chad Faust

Shy and mousy high school student Tamara is the ridicule of all her peers. She takes it as most do in her situation: by keeping quiet, staring at the floor, shuffling her feet, and when the situation calls for it, running awkwardly away. But when her attempt at a kiss is rejected by her English teacher Mr. Natolly that she has long harbored a crush on, she decides that enough is enough and heads home for a little harmless witchcraft. She conjures up a love spell, and when Mr. Natolly calls the next day to set up a little rendezvous, she's sure that her magic has worked.

It is, of course, just the 'cool kids' (i.e., the thickheaded douchebag football players and their plastic cheerleader sex-toys of the week) playing a cruel trick on her. Tamara is left humiliated, made into a public spectacle and then, in a twist of fate, suffers an accidental death.

But if a lifetime of horror fanaticism has taught me anything, it's this:

You can't keep a good witch down. Any when you try, you just turn a good witch into a bad one.

Shy and mousy high school student Tamara returns fully souped-up and highly sexualized in a manner that may make the less-than-stable among you begin to see murder as a viable alternative to the singles bars. But before you get any deeply disturbing thoughts in your addled brain (and before I end up on some sort of FBI watchlist), I must advise you against it.

You see, Tamara comes back...and she's hungry. But forget about the cafeteria's chicken fried steak or the pigs-in-a-blanket made out of last month's mystery weenies. Tamara is hungry for just one thing: revenge.

While it may initially seem like your run-of-the mill Hollywood Horror catering to underagers (and the soundtrack will only further that impression), I was actually somewhat impressed. First of all, it was rated R which is quite an anomaly in this day of PG-13 Pretty Boy pablum. And sure, the major players were pretty...but they could all hold their own in the acting department, too. Even the special effects were surprisingly good, and the death scenes are bound to make you grimace on more than one occasion.

To be honest, this movie doesn't push any boundaries of the horror genre as a whole, and it isn't going to show you anything you haven't seen before. But, it may very well push the boundaries of the Teen Horror subgenre, and will definitely show you a thing or two you've never seen in one of those films. For instance, that threesome-into-a-twosome scene in the bedroom would NEVER have made it into a more Hollywood outing.

Now, it seems that most people who watch Tamara compare it to Stephen King's Carrie. But I assure you that comparison is entirely unfair.

It's more like Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back.

Starring Carrie White.

View the trailer below!

Rated R
98 Minutes
United States

Tamara is currently ranked #13,651 in DVD's at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!

"Shut up, you barren bitch!"


  1. A very fair assessment of the film, I completely agree that it treads familiar ground, but I enjoy it none-the-less as a surprisingly well done little indie effort that is commonly overlooked

  2. I thought it was pretty decent. Definitely better than most teeny bopper schlock fests.


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