Monday, August 24, 2009

The Monster Maker (1944)

The Monster Maker

Written by Pierre Gendron & Martin Mooney
Directed by Sam Newfield

Dr. Igor Markoff...J. Carrol Naish
Anthony Lawrence...Ralph Morgan
Patricia Lawrence...Wanda McKay
Bob Blake...Terry Frost
Maxine...Tala Birell

Igor Markoff is a doctor of the mad scientist variety with a fairly twisted back story, whose specialty is the study of Acromegaly—a progressive glandular disorder that causes the bodily extremities to enlarge to gargantuan proportions. His method of dealing with those people who disfavor him is to inject them with a concentrated form of the disease (not available at your local Walgreens) and let nature run its course. Markoff’s obsession with science is rivaled only by his ever-growing obsession with his late wife, which is the driving force behind the film.

When Markoff sees Patricia Lawrence, the already-spoken-for daughter of a world class concert pianist, he’s struck by her uncanny resemblance to his fallen spouse and vows to make her his new wife. When her father Anthony dares to interfere, he’s transformed into the monster that Markoff made.

Due to the fact that they used a genuine disease, and that they used the victim of said disorder to enact fear rather than evoke sympathy or raise awareness, this film toes over the line of horror and into the field of exploitation. Despite this, and despite even the use of a pitiful looking “diseased” dog, The Monster Maker just hasn’t aged well, and appears to be relatively innocent and naive to our jaded eyes, and thus not even thoroughly enjoyable as a guilty pleasure, but rather just another insignificant bleep on the radar screen. If you want to see what sleaze used to look like, there are plenty of other better places to look.

Not Rated
62 Minutes
Black and White
United States

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