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Gruesome Twosome (1967)

The Gruesome Twosome

Written by Allison Louise Downe
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Gretchen Wells .... Kathy Baker
Rodney Bedell .... Dave Hall
Elizabeth Davis .... Mrs. Pringle
Chris Martell .... Rodney Pringle

Mrs. Pringle is a kindly old widow who owns and operates “The Little Wig Shop” near the university campus. At first it may seem that she's just a bit eccentric, always talking to her stuffed wildcat Napoleon, but truth be told she's just plain crazy. She lures co-eds into her shop with “Room For Rent” signs in the window and then sicks her animalistic son Rodney on them, who scalps the poor girls alive. Voila! Instant wig.

Kathy Baker is a college student and amateur sleuth (kind of like a brainless plastic Nancy Drew) who tries to divide her time between “solving” mysteries and dating her Alpha-male boyfriend Dave (kind of like a Richie Cunningham on steroids.) When she catches wind of the case of the disappearing school girls, Kathy decides to do a little investigating of her own, against Dave's advice of course.

And from there we cut back and forth between Kathy's misadventures and the continuing walk-in bloodshed over at The Little Wig Shop.

We've got all the H.G. Lewis signature items here: bad acting, over-the-top gore, and pretty women all rolled up into his usual blend of so-bad-it's-good cinema. Lewis was never a great film maker and he'll probably be the first to admit it, but he was the goddamned best at what he did. Gruesome Twosome is exactly what you would expect: mindless entertainment for the bloodthirsty masses.

Lewis fans rejoice.

This Something Weird DVD release comes with audio commentary by Herschell Gordon Lewis himself, a Gallery of Exploitation Art, a short vintage documentary entitled Wigs-o-Rama, and the excellent theatrical trailer.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Animated mannequins; Pajama party watussi; Old school KFC; Planting a bone tree; Sloth and Michelob beer; Clever Coca-Cola product placement

View the trailer below!

72 minutes
United States

Gruesome Twosome is currently ranked #50,887 in DVD's at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!

"Oh Yes... Our Wigs Are Made From Genuine Human Hair, And How!"


  1. Not reading the top of your post and going straight to the review, I thought to myself this sounds EXACTLY like an HG Lewis flick and it is! How have I missed this one? All of his movies have the same formula but are so ridiculously fun. Definitely checking this out. Great review.

  2. I honestly gotta say, I think this and "COLOR ME BLOOD RED" are Lewis's more bottom-of-the-barrel efforts.

  3. Nothing was worse than Gore Gore GIrls in my book, the premise of this one and the facts behind its creation make it amazing. Lewis said that the reason for the ridiculous prologue to the film is literally due to the fact that they ran out of money and only filmed 40m, so they needed to meet the minimum run time for a double feature. Hence, the shittiness that is the first 10m

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys. No matter how bad an H.G. Lewis film is (and I defy you to show me a "good" H.G. Lewis film), I can't help but love them!

    How crazy is it that the Godfather of Gore is now the Maven of Marketing, anyway?



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