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Frozen Alive (1964)

Frozen Alive

Written by Evelyn Frazer
Directed by Bernard Knowles

Mark Stevens .... Frank Overton
Delphi Lawrence .... Joan Overton
Marianne Koch .... Helen Wieland
Joachim Hansen .... Tony Stein
Walter Rilla .... Sir Keith
John Longden .... Prof. Hubbard

Frank is an American scientist stationed in Germany with his partner Helen. They're working with cryogenics, freezing chimpanzees alive and bringing them back into animation months later, unharmed and unaged. They present their research to the World Health Organization and announce that they would like approval to move onto the next stage: suspending a human being. Frank and Helen are denied, and so work goes on with the chimpanzees.

Eventually, Frank talks his team into going along with the human experiment anyway, using himself as the test subject. As they're prepping Frank for the freeze, his drunken wife Joan accidentally shoots herself in their home before the eyes of Tony, her fancy-pants boy toy. Tony flees the scene and her body is discovered on the floor by the cleaning lady.

The police suspect Frank is involved in Joan's death, and he is revived for questioning. It doesn't matter though, because Tony comes forward and confesses what happened before Frank even regains consciousness.

And that's about it.

My initial reaction to this film was, “What the hell was that supposed to be?” It's movies like this that make you realize that the only interesting science is mad science. This film is slow, boring and tedious with pointless side-stories and relationships that ultimately go nowhere, much like the film itself. It was nothing more than a breezy romance story involving two scientists deceptively billed as a horror/sci-fi flick.

Tag this bastard's toe. Frozen Alive is better off dead.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Smoking at the W.H.O.; Dual spectacles; Zorro the lounge lizard; Drunken bitch; German Dragnet; Bank vault laboratory;

BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW: Mark Stevens (Frank) was once up for a spot on the Canadian Olympic Diving Team but a back injury incurred on the high springboard cost him the position; Mark Stevens was such a rebellious rabble rouser that was kicked out of every school that he ever attended, both public and private;

ALSO KNOWN AS: Der Fall X701; Human Factor;

80 minutes
Black & White
United Kingdom/West Germany

Frozen Alive is currently ranked #29,553 in DVDs at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!


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