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Lusting Hours (1967)

Lusting Hours

Written & Directed by John & Lem Amero

lust, n. (ME. luster; AS. lust, desire, pleasure.)
1. overmastering desire; eagerness to possess or enjoy; as, a lust for power.
2. a desire to gratify the senses; bodily appetite.
3. (a) sexual desire; (b) excessive sexual desire, especially as seeking unrestrained gratification.
Although one would assume that this very astute definition given at the start of the film would suffice, the filmmakers seemed to think that the movie-going audience would also need a visual demonstration. Which is just as well, or this would have been the shortest dirty-ditty of all time...although it would seem oddly Warholian.

The movie is broken up into three parts. I shall break them down as we go.

Part One: House Girls
The narrator informs us that in rural areas, well, whoring ain't easy. Rather than push their fleshy wares on the street, small town hookers gather together in a farmhouse brothel and let the local Johns come to them. Once there, the men seem to have a plethora of options. They can purchase pornographic photographs (women in their lacy titillating!), they can have sex with them (mainly a whole lot of un-impassioned kissing), or they can watch the girls perform bad interpretative dance on stage.

I really can't help but wonder what the price list for such services would look like.

We're even treated to an inside look at the pornographer who supplies the photographs to this farmland floozy house, and see how his constant exposure to the naughty bits of the fairer sex have dulled his ability to enjoy visual stimulation, and he must then move onto the hard stuff ("the abyss of the unknown"). That is to say, gently flaying a fully clothed masseuse with a whip for $100.

Part Two: Street Girls
The title to this second chapter is rather misleading. It does, indeed, feature a Street Girl or two ("streetwalkers, hookers, hustlers, tarts, or prostitutes..."), but apart from one woman who takes a bath with her back to the camera while droning on about the woes of Big City Whoring and dropping odd little confessions ("Sometimes I drink so much coffee that I get all gassy in the stomach!"), the women are not highlighted here. Instead, it's the men that get most of the attention.

A gigolo is shown escorting around town a middle aged wealthy woman who desires companionship. The man gets a nominal fee for this service, but he gets paid a much larger amount if he agrees to "Play for Pay."

I fully expected this movie to gloss over the fact that most male prostitutes are hustlers as opposed to gigolos, meaning that they specialize in man-on-man action. So imagine my surprise when a "hidden camera" was set up in a men's room, showing how a hustler meets his clients, some of which are repressed gay males while others are simply "sailors who can't wait to get home." The hustler takes his customer back to a room and the camera lingers on the male-to-male massage even longer than on most of the female scenes, even going so far as to add a sensual soundtrack of SEXaphone jazz in the background. The narrator isn't afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions here, such as: "Is it possible for [a straight man] to sleep with men but still maintain a normal sex life?"

Cut to the hustler at home with his wife: a dominatrix transvestite with a whip.

Pure classic.

Part Three: Call Girls
Call girls are the high class hookers, those with nice apartments and expensive belongings, thanks to their connections with the underworld. Their Johns are just like everyone else, and in this segment they are treated almost respectfully by the narrator. They're just your average man, who use the Call Girls to do things that societal morals and mores won't allow them to do with their wives.

Such as watch topless dancing in an Italian restaurant.

I'm really not sure what the filmmakers were trying to do here. The whole ordeal is staged like a documentary, but it's obviously not. The narrator (co-director Lem Amero, credited here with the unlikely moniker of Gun Gun Sharper!) attempts to be serious and scholarly at all times, often condemning the participants as the camera pans and slobbers all over their saucy acts. It would seem that they were attempting to make a sexploitation film that could be passed off as educational, kind of like hiding razor blades in apples and giving them to Trick-or-Treaters.

Lusting Hours was dull in some spots, and absolutely wild and raucous in others. If you're a fan of the classic sleazy cheesies, or want to see how views and opinions of sexuality has changed over the years, you may want to give this one a try. If you're just looking for some old school porn, you better keep on a-lookin'.

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Black and White
United States

Lusting Hours (triple-billed with Ultimate Degenerate and In Hot Blood) is currently ranked #50,779 in DVDs at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!


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