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In My Skin (2002)

In My Skin


Written & Directed by Marina de Van

Marina de Van .... Esther
Laurent Lucas .... Vincent
Léa Drucker .... Sandrine
Thibault de Montalembert .... Daniel
Marc Rioufol .... Henri

After Esther, a young businesswoman, suffers from a minor fall that causes major injuries to her once-flawless legs, she develops an odd fascination with the wounds that may at first be construed as self-image problems. But as time goes on, we see this fascination develop into an obsession with not only the wounds themselves but the pain they cause and Esther slowly delves into the dark and all too real world of self-mutilation.
The adrenaline rush she gets from hurting herself seems to alleviate her stress, clear her mind and set things right in her head. But when her best friend Sandrine and her boyfriend Vincent discover what she's up to, they don't respond with the same level of enthusiasm but rather shock and concern. She assures them that it was a one time incident, won't ever happen again, but we watch as she separates herself from the rest of the world and succumbs to her new addiction.

At first the cutting is hidden in shadows, implied rather than strictly seen through clever camera angles but it comes to a boil in a scene in which Esther is out at a business dinner. It's an excellently constructed scene and stomach-wrenchingly difficult to watch, and it only gets better (or worse, depending) from there.
It's important to understand that this film does not glorify the subject matter. While it's true that in the beginning Esther's professional life begins to soar, this can be seen as the temporary relief granted from such actions. Quickly enough we see her whole life deteriorate and I guarantee that you will not walk away from this film wanting to cut yourself.

You won't even walk away from this film wanting to eat lunch.

The ending was a bit low-key for my tastes, but it suitably portrayed the loneliness and utter failure that the entire film was building up to. It's a dark and desperate look at a real-life problem taken to the extreme and one of the few films that have ever really brought the horror home, sitting right there next to me on the couch.

Fans of stark realism who don't mind reading the subtitles: see this film.

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Not Rated
93 minutes
French (with English subtitles)

In My Skin is currently ranked #49,934 in DVD's at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!


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  1. I wish I had the time to watch all of these. So many of them sound good.


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