Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Friday the 13th: Hell Lake by Paul A. Woods

Friday the 13th: Hell Lake

Paul A. Woods

Serial killer Wayne Sanchez--AKA the Devil Boy--terrorized the population at large until he was captured ten years ago, and then placed on Death Row. Now his time has come--execution and judgment day. It's no surprise that he lands in hell--the lowest circle of hell, to be exact--but what is surprising is who his neighbor in the pits is: the unmistakable Jason Voorhees, the Devil Boy's idol.

Through a mysterious mental link, Sanchez and Jason are able to communicate, and yes, even become friends. Sanchez has devised a plan to escape from Hell, and return to the world of the living, taking Jason with him, for he is the key to it all.

Fast forward to Friday the 13th, January 2006, at Crystal Lake, where a class party takes a sudden turn for the worse, and the entire class (not the mention the entire town, state and country) find themselves as fodder. A war has been waged, and the death toll will be staggering.

The writing style of Mr. Woods was decent enough, and I can even appreciate an attempt to shake up the mythology to keep things fresh after 25 years. However, it is a book about Jason Voorhees, remember, and so you can't be expecting too much. I will say this, Hell Lake was almost as good as the better entries and no worse than the lesser entries in the film franchise. As with the movies, the plot is secondary to the gruesome kills, which we have here in spades, although strictly-celluloid gorehounds may have trouble picturing the images without a projector close at hand. It is definitely a plus that this is an independent adventure of our favorite machete wielding madman, and not some measly novelization. For those who can't get enough of the JayVo, fear not.

He's back, and in true pulp form!

Friday the 13th: Hell Lake is currently ranked #370,458 in Books at Buy it today!


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