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Evil Dead Trap 2 (1991)

Evil Dead Trap 2

Directed by Izô Hashimoto

Shoko Nakajima .... Aki Ootani
Rie Kondoh .... Ami Kageyama
Shirô Sano .... Kurashi

This in-name-only sequel takes a few similar elements from the original (news reporter; serial killer) and throws a blatant Right-To-Life spin on the genre.

A series of brutal murders against women has former teen idol Ami Kageyama struggling to make a name for herself in the world of television news reporting. The murder scenes provoke some sort of perversion buried deep inside her and she finds herself aroused and running to the arms of Kurashi—a married ladies man who would rather be nailing Ami's film projectionist friend Aki. Even when Ami suspects she is pregnant, her dedication sends her back into the field to follow the next lead. All the murders have taken place near an old shopping mall which is undergoing renovation and speculation states that the building may have something to do with the crimes.

Aki—who seems to have an unnatural fondness of death related images—has problems of her own. Besides fending of the advances of chubby-chaser Kurashi, she's plagued by visions of a ghostly child who seems to pop up literally everywhere. Taking the interesting (to say the least) advice of her manager, Aki visits an evangelistic cult that worships and preaches the power of “Shinki” and spouts a lot of bunk about karma, foxes and automatic writing. While under some sort of trance brought on by a lot of shouting and fan dancing, Aki utters the word “Hideki,” a name shared both by Kurashi's son who recently returned from an unexplained hiatus and the unborn child in Ami's womb.

According to the cult leader, Aki is surrounded by a dark force that was spawned by an abortion she had years ago. Kurashi and Ami? Well, they have problems of their own. And when their problematic little worlds collide, all Hell breaks loose and we're treated to the mother of all cat-fights.

But there's a lot here that troubles me. The film seems to rely heavily on so-called “Dream Logic,” which would have been fine if it had tied in to some sort of reality. It still could have succeeded if the visuals had been above average, but they too seemed lackluster and uninspired to me. The characters were crass and unlikable, each and every one, so I didn't care one way or the other about their fate. To top things off, I couldn't even follow this film. The plot seemed convoluted and weighted down, leading you into too many directions at once, many of which never even panned out.

Which makes me question the many positive reviews I've read about this film. To each his own, however. I may not have completely understood it, I may not have really liked it, but I'll give it this much: it was 102 minutes long.

Bonus features on this Unearthed Films DVD release are limited to a photo gallery and original theatrical trailer (in Japanese with no subtitles.)

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Rocky Horror lipstick; It's never too early for coke; Mild Seven cigarettes; Puking in the rain; These eggs are undercooked; Lesbian kiss and kicking ass;

BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW: The name of the film being shown in the theater where Aki works is Adada; Evil Dead Trap's Japanese title, Shiryo no wana, translates to "Creation Of A Ghost";

View the trailer below!

102 minutes
Japanese (with English subtitles)

Evil Dead Trap 2 is currently ranked #109,057 in DVDs at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!


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