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Beast With A Gun (1977)

Beast With A Gun

Written & Directed by Sergio Grieco

Nanni Vitali....Helmut Berger
Giulio Santini....Richard Harrison
Pietro Caporali....Nello Pazzafini
Bruno Esposito....Sergio Smacchi

Criminal Nanni “The Mad Dog” Vitali and his gang escape from prison, taking an inept guard hostage. Once in the clear, Vitali has a laundry list of tasks that need seen to, first and foremost seeking vengeance against the man whose testimony sent him to prison. As if his murder wasn’t enough, he also rapes his girlfriend Juliana and turns her into his own personal sex-slave and unwilling accomplice in his next caper: robbing the payroll of the factory where Juliana’s father works.

Fearing for her father’s life, Juliana goes to homicide inspector Santini, who sets a trap and ambushes the whole gang. Vitali escapes, sick and tired of being snitched on and double crossed, and plots revenge against a whole new batch of people: Juliana, Santini, and even the judge who sentenced him to prison originally.

If anything, this film is a guilty pleasure, full of sleazy characters who will rape, pillage, beat, torture and kill anyone who gets in their way. And I mean beat. Some of the violence is incredibly brutal (i.e. the gas station beating) that might be more effective if it was orchestrated better. Some of the slow-motion scenes were almost inspired, temporarily tricking you into thinking it was a master director at work. Some of the character interactions seemed a bit choppy, as if a bit of film were missing, but it’s fairly easy to catch up.

Not for those looking for horror with a moral, but fans who enjoy a little guilt with a side of popcorn might want to give it a look see. Fans of Last House on the Left, I’m talking to you.

ALSO KNOWN AS: La Mitra Col Belva, Ultime Violence, Feroce, Street Killers, The Human Beast, Mad Dog, The Mad Dog Killer, Der Tollwütige, Veszett Kutya, Wild Beasts with Machine Guns

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91 minutes
Italian/Spanish (English dubbed)

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"Have a drink, twat!"

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  1. If you liked this one, Jonny, check out Grieco's far more nasty Eurocrime flick, VIOLENCE FOR KICKS.


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