Friday, June 19, 2009

[Cryptopopology] Batgirl: Unaired Test Pilot

Batgirl: Unaired Test Pilot

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl...Yvonne Craig
Bruce Wayne/Batman...Adam West
Dick Grayson/Robin...Burt Ward
Killer Moth...Tim Herbert
Narrator...William Dozier
In this short test episode for a proposed campy spin-off of the equally-campy 1960s Batman television series, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson visit the Gotham City Public Library, and are the only ones who seem to notice the four men sitting at a table dressed as giant moths. The ambiguosly gay duo leave, only to return as Batman and Robin! They're quickly thrwarted by The Killer Moth and his minions who wrap them in a giant cocoon. Luckily Commisioner Gordon's daughter Barbara, who works as a librarian there, secretly doubles as...Batgirl! She releases them from their silky prison, and WHAM-O, the three harrowing heroes make short work of those vile villains.

According to Adam West, had the show been picked up, it would have been broadcast right before Batman, and would sometimes feature crossover storylines, which would have amounted to one full rock'em, sock'em hour of bodacious Bat goodness. (Un)lucky for us, rather than giving the character her own show, she was instead made a character on Batman.

What can I say? It's stupid, it's laughable, it's's everything you love (or hate) about the original series. It features the same characters, the same "SOCK-O" sound effects, the same music, the same narrator with the same love of lurid alliteration...pretty much the same everything, only in a smaller pill that is easier to swallow. It's probably best that this didn't become its own series. The test pilot, while fun in a retro-ridiculous sort of way, proves that the series would have nothing new to add to the franchise.

Look for it on YouTube.

7 minutes 25 seconds
United States

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