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Ghost in the Machine (1993)

Ghost in the Machine

Written by William Davies & William Osborne
Directed by Rachel Talalay

Ted Marcoux .... Karl Hochman
Karen Allen .... Terry Monroe
Chris Mulkey .... Bram Walker
Wil Horneff .... Josh Monroe
Brandon Quintin Adams .... Frazer

In the calm before an incoming storm, the Yardley family settles down for a nice dinner. Little do they know that just outside sits Karl Hochman, AKA The Address Book killer. His M.O. is this: he steals an address book and harasses the owner while systematically murdering everyone listed inside. The Yardleys were the final stop on Karl's current murder tour, but luckily it's not long before he finds another victim.
Terry Monroe forgets her address book at the computer store where Karl works. He quickly pockets it and heads out to dispose of the first entry, but while driving to the victim's house he's involved in a horrible accident that nearly takes his life. Rushed to the hospital, a power surge while he's being X-rayed kills his body but somehow sends his consciousness soaring into cyberspace. Science is crazy like that.

Karl begins scouring the internet and retrieving any information he can on the Monroe family. Bram Walker, a computer expert, stumbles upon the electric investigation and sets out to help, thinking it nothing more than the work of an angry hacker. But when Terry's friends begin dying off in the same order they were listed in the address book, it seems there's something else going on. Theresa stumbles upon the truth first, and her son Josh and Bram are not far behind. Together they form some grandiose scheme involving magnets and cheesy CGI animation to "erase" Karl forever.
The idea of an Address Book Killer was an intriguing one, but I wish it hadn't been used in such an idiotic vehicle. There was also a suitably effective claustrophobic scene in the swimming pool, but it was counteracted by a kitchen scene with a baby that seemed right out of a Roger Rabbit cartoon. The scares are minimal, the gore subdued, the death-scenes and technology downright ridiculous. The R-rating it received was unjustified and probably doomed it from the start. The film may be of interest to 13 year olds, but they weren't allowed to purchase tickets. It's an overblown Hollywood attempt to combine the supernatural with the slasher flick and the "hip, hip world" of computers.

Suggested only to those who enjoyed films like Hackers and the similarly themed Shocker. All six of you.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Josh the daddy mack; Password: Family Values; The Love Corral; Radiation pimples and banana ooze; Satan's Video Inferno; Cleavage prostitute; More hackers than you can shake a stick at;

BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW: Brandon Quintin Adams was also in People Under The Stairs two years earlier, another mediocre horror movie; The movie playing in the Yardley's living room is The Ghost and Mrs. Muir from 1947;

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Rated R
93 minutes
United States

Ghost in the Machine is currently ranked #62,061 in DVD's at Read more about it at the IMDB, rent it at Netflix, or buy it today!


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  1. Been wanting to see this, but the review and the fact that Talalay directed it officially turned me off to the film, thanks for saving me a buck!


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