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Movie Review: Color Me Blood Red (1965)

 Color Me Blood Red
COLOR ME BLOOD RED - H.G. Lewis gore flick - DVD Cover Image

Written & Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Produced by David F. Friedman

Don Joseph .... Adam Sorg
Elyn Warner .... Gigi
Scott H. Hall .... Farnsworth
William Harris .... Gregorovich
Jerome Eden .... Rolf
Candi Conder .... April Carter

Adam Sorg is an obsessed young painter struggling in his field. Although he's got a nice house on the beach, an exclusive showing at the Farnsworth Gallery and even makes the occasional sell, he just can't earn his fair share of respect. Critics say it's because of his use of color, which could stand some tweaking, and Adam is inclined to agree.

When his fiancé Gigi accidentally cuts herself on a loose nail, Adam takes one look at the blood and realizes that's the color he's been missing. She refuses to supply him with enough to cover an entire canvas and so it's slice-&-dice self-mutilation time, all for the sake of his art.

COLOR ME BLOOD RED - Such pretty colors

You can only give so much before you start to feel a bit woozy though (especially without the free orange juice and sugar cookie that the Red Cross offers you), so in a fit of rage he “volunteers” Gigi to become his fleshy pallet, leaving him with one great masterpiece and one mediocre corpse. And when her veins run dry, it's time for old Adam to take a little stroll down the beach in search of new “art supplies,” if you will.

Although there was quite a bit of blood in this movie, most of it was on the canvas. The gore was relatively restrained for a Lewis-Friedman production except in a few key scenes. Some of the paintings were actually pretty damn cool and would be right at home hanging in my gallery (if I had a gallery, that is). Things did seem to slow down a bit somewhere in the middle, giving you time to wonder “didn't I see this all before in A Bucket of Blood?” but it all evens out with a pretty decent ending.

COLOR ME BLOOD RED - So that's where he gets his paint

This Something Weird DVD release comes with the original theatrical trailer, commentary by Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Friedman, a reel of rare outtakes and the traditional Gallery of Exploitation Art. Definitely worth a watch.

79 minutes
United States

"If we ever get married, the first thing I'll do is... get a divorce. "

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  1. Not my favorite Lewis film, but definitely better than its recognized for. Still prefer Bucket of Blood and the Tim Roth episode of Tales from the Crypt


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